shaking samDon emphasizes dealing with tax controversies, both audit and collection issues. Our clientele ranges from private individuals and sole proprietors to partnerships and corporate entities across all sectors.

Whether your tax burden is $1,000 or $1,000,000, personal or business, payroll or state, we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to resolve your problem in a quick, professional, and efficient manner to save you both tax dollars and professional fees.
Don has successfully defended clients in all of these areas, and done offers in compromise when appropriate.  I will not waste my time or your money with false hope of an offer in compromise when there is no hope the IRS will accept one.  Instead of the one solution fits all attitude, I will examine your case on its individual merits, and recommend the best solution for you.

Tax Consultation

General tax conditions are in constant change and require a thorough analysis and impact planning. We therefore take into account all current tax and business factors and our consulting catalogue covers the entire scope of services in the field of tax consulting.

Our services:

  • Private tax returns
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Surplus revenue statements and tax balance sheets
  • Consulting in inheritance tax and gift tax matters
  • Regulations concerning company successions and consulting as part of company founding or company sales
  • Negotiating tax settlements and payment plans
  • Stopping wage garnishments and bank levies
  • Handling of tax audits

You will only be working with Donald Stacy, EA CMA MBA. I do not delegate your tax problems to a staff member who might not have the required expertise to correctly handle your case.

Financial Audits

We handle financial audits on a legal and voluntary basis in numerous industries. Because we believe that auditing and consulting go hand-in-hand, we develop strategic action recommendations and improvement suggestions based on the findings from our consulting session with you. Not only do we guarantee the high quality of our audits and consulting sessions through our skills and know-how, as well as the extensive experience and reliability of our auditors, but we also confirm our services through a legally prescribed external quality control check.

Our services:

  • Legal and voluntary annual financial statements and annual consolidated financial statements
  • Implementation of quality control audits
  • Special audit
  • Credit status checks
  • Audits in accordance to regulations for real estate agents and builders
  • Public funds appropriations audits
  • Audits for capital increases and non-cash contributions
  • Formation audits
  • Restructuring and merger audits
  • Corporate assessments
  • Further education and training of auditors

Tax Collection Representation

The IRS works diligently to recover taxpayer debt and is more aggressively asserting its authority to engage in a variety of collection methods. These methods include wage garnishments, bank levies, and asset seizures.

One tactic commonly utilized by the IRS to recover owed taxes is to execute garnishment of a taxpayer’s wages. Wage garnishment occurs when the IRS notifies an individual’s employer of their unpaid tax debt. The employer is then required by law to send a portion of the individual’s paycheck directly so the IRS may recoup monies owed until the debt is resolved. A wage garnishment can be embarrassing, financially disabling and extremely difficult to overcome.

The IRS might, in addition to wage garnishment, attempt to seize your assets and levy your bank accounts. The IRS will not discontinue wage garnishment and other forceful collection approaches until you have either paid off your debt or entered into a negotiated settlement for payment.

In order to stop wage garnishment and other aggressive IRS tactics, you should rely on professional tax experts like Enrolled Agents who can quickly and effectively negotiate options on your behalf. Don Stacy, EA understands the difficult circumstances caused by destructive IRS collection techniques. You do not have to face wage garnishment or the IRS alone. Don is a professional available to answer questions regarding the methods employed by the IRS to recover tax debt. Let him explain your options and help alleviate the stress associated with tax collection. Contact us team today to begin your journey into financial stability.

You will only be working with Donald Stacy, EA CMA MBA. I do not delegate your tax problems to a staff member who might not have the required expertise to correctly handle your case.

Audit Representation

The IRS has placed an increased emphasis on auditing as a means of collecting all funds due to them. During an audit, the IRS agent will take a more detailed look at all or a portion of your tax return. For example, the IRS may want to look at your expense deduction claims. In the event that you receive notification of an impending IRS audit, you should seek the counsel of a well-respected tax professional immediately.

Most audits are done through written correspondence and through IRS requests for documentation of claims made in your tax return. I will help prepare and send necessary documents as requested by the IRS. In the rare event of a face-to-face audit, you should rely on a knowledgeable tax representative that understands tax laws and procedures. Facing the IRS in the event of an audit can be very intimidating and you should not attempt to represent yourself alone. In fact, after retaining my services you are not required to ever meet with an auditor.

Protect yourself from costly and irrevocable tax penalties that potentially result from IRS audits. Don is an experienced professional who understand audits, appeals and tax laws. He expertly represents individuals and businesses dealing with audits, requests for letters and documentation.

Tax agents who conduct audits are trained to act in the best interest of the IRS and United States government. You can safely rely on me to work equally hard to ensure you are treated fairly and with respect. Protect yourself against further tax penalties by relying on our services to provide reliable audit defense. Contact me today if you are facing a potential audit from the IRS or other tax problem.

You will only be working with Donald Stacy, EA CMA MBA. I do not delegate your tax problems to a staff member who might not have the required expertise to correctly handle your case.

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